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Breast Augmentation

Such surgery is to increase the desired volume based on the height and shape of the rib cage of women. The shape and size of the breast prior to surgery influence both the treatment and the final result.

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  • International Confederation for Plastic Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgery

  • Federación Ibero Latinoamericana de Cirugía Plástica y Reconstructiva (FILACP)

  • Sociedad Argentina de Cirugía Plástica

  • Colegio Médico Dominicano

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"My co-workers, as the doctor who worked here in the USA. They have been amazed with my new look experienced in me, thank you. "

"Thank God I had the opportunity to meet and place confidence in you. Because after liposuction, I'm someone physically. Starting with my friends see me different. "

"Thanks Dr Holguin: I thank God for the excellent decision to take to have trusted you. Its personalized service and professionalism allows the entire process easier. Blessings. RC "

Breast augmentation

This surg RIVER is to increase to the desired height based on volume and conformation & oacute; n of the rib cage of women. The shape and size CHILD or the breasts prior to surg & iacute; to influence both the treatment and the outcome. There are different types of implants, m & aacute; s known: silicone and saline


The breast augmentation surgery helps improve body contour of women, when you have SMALL breasts, as; corrects the volume loss especially after & eacute; s pregnancy, or performed one surg RIVER bariatric, balance the size CHILD or when there is marked difference as t & eacute; technique of reconstruction & oacute; n in certain situations

Procedure m & aacute; s related

Liposucci & oacute; n and tuck

Procedure Kir STILL allergy

The average time an hour. The approach may be by v & iacute; to the armpit, breast or periareolar groove. The implant can be placed subglandular, subfascial or submuscular level. Type of anesthesia can be local, or sedation lock & oacute; n, and STILL ultimately, general anesthesia


Almost always ambulatory, you do not need internaci & oacute; n. Est & aacute; in the early hours in recovery & oacute; n and then he goes home

Post-Surgery Recommendations

The m & aacute; s important to prevent movement of the arms the first three weeks, like the gym until the first month. Avoid the sun and heat marked as BATHING. I Saunas

Complications and Risks

Bleeding, INFECTION & oacute; n, capsular contracture, changes in sensation which usually trtansitoria, scar cut & aacute; line, implant failure by manufacturing defect, exhibition & oacute; n. Implant

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