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Abdominoplasty or Tummy Tuck

It is a procedure that involves removal and / or removal of excess skin along with fat attached to it.

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"My co-workers, as the doctor who worked here in the USA. They have been amazed with my new look experienced in me, thank you. "

"Thank God I had the opportunity to meet and place confidence in you. Because after liposuction, I'm someone physically. Starting with my friends see me different. "

"Thanks Dr Holguin: I thank God for the excellent decision to take to have trusted you. Its personalized service and professionalism allows the entire process easier. Blessings. RC "

It is a procedure that involves removal and / or removal of excess skin along with fat attached to it. It is also known as abdominoplasty or tummy tuck aesthetically. The minidermo defined when the area just below the navel is modified. It is applied depending on the case, performing a smaller incision.

Who are candidates for a tummy tuck

Patients who have abdominal or hanging pendulum, abdominal tenderness and presence of striae at the abdomen. Is almost always better to perform this operation on patients with calving satisfied, that is, for some reason or another they do not think to have children or have made a tubal ligation, ie have been prepared. You can not confuse applying such surgery in patients who are overweight or morbidly obese. In this case they would be eligible patients to make or place the intragastric balloon sleeve, band or gastrobypass. Which would apply in a personalized way.


From one day to another. You can return to work within two weeks and 4.

Surgical Procedure

This surgery can be performed with a regional block or general anesthesia. Usually, the abdominal flap after cutting the skin is lifted and takes off into the area of ​​xiphoid apex and the subcostal area. Almost always plication of the abdominal muscles is done, leaving a type Hemovac routine drainage to help prevent fluid collection. Average time from one hour to two hours.

Recommendations postoperative

It is important to avoid sudden movements, lifting heavy objects, avoid heat, either the sun, sauna or steam. Wearing high heels the first days it is not recommended. It is important to use the belt, as their respective ultrasound massage and days after surgery. Besides taking medications previously prescribed by your doctor.


The most common are seromas and hematomas. Little common infection and fat embolism. At first, the first months is normal some paresthesia or decreased sensation, which is recovering slowly in the abdominal area. The results will remain, that both patient care through diet, exercise and healthy lifestyle.

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