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This procedure involves removal of fat from different body parts at surface between the skin and the muscular fascia, by means of cannulas of differing diameter and length.

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"My co-workers, as the doctor who worked here in the USA. They have been amazed with my new look experienced in me, thank you. "

"Thank God I had the opportunity to meet and place confidence in you. Because after liposuction, I'm someone physically. Starting with my friends see me different. "

"Thanks Dr Holguin: I thank God for the excellent decision to take to have trusted you. Its personalized service and professionalism allows the entire process easier. Blessings. RC "

This procedure involves removal of fat from different body parts at surface between the skin and the muscular fascia, by means of cannulas of differing diameter and length. This approach can be done through syringes, conventional vacuum suction method or negative pressure, the use of ultrasound, or laser. Within each of these methods there are different technologies. All of which are operator dependent. The most common sites or places of fat removal are the abdomen, waist and back.

When is indicated Liposuction

When the body to be treated has very good quality area of ​​the skin, from the viewpoint of elasticity, turgor and tensioning; ie there is as little as possible leftover or sagging skin. Many times over the years and sudden changes in weight, this may alter skin quality, achieved as seen in tissue damage as sometimes happens in pregnancies and presence or stretch marks. It is very important to remember that liposuction is not weight loss is a treatment in a localized area or air. It can be applied in those who have an average of 10-20 pounds of their ideal weight. When a person loses weight, loses overall. It should never be confused or indication for liposuction mesotherapy Endermotherapy call. Age is not a determining factor, but the quality of the skin.


is usually outpatient, ie you need not be more than 2 or 3 hours of observation. If a megalipo, where more than 5 liters of fat are removed is performed, the stay of 24 hours for observation is advised. Depending on the amount of fat removed can reintegrate to work between one week and two.

Related Procedure

Normally tummy tuck and mastoplasty.


Do not perform this operation in patients with anemia, malnourished, who are taking medications such as anticoagulants, or blood dyscrasias, low potassium, low albumin, people who take large doses of vitamin E, people with false expectations or with anorexia and / or bulimia.

Surgical Procedure

The average time will depend on the areas to be treated. For example, a lipo waist estimated time of 20 minutes to half an hour. Anesthesia depend on the extent of the area and the body part. It can be under local anesthesia, regional block and ultimately, general anesthesia. It is important to use the tumescent technique, which at the beginning of the decade of the 80s, illustrate Dr. Kleiner., Since quite decreases bleeding.

Post ciurgia Recommendations

Avoid heat, call her sauna, steam or Turkish baths. As well as sun exposure. Wearing high heels, as well as sudden movements. Exercises can be done from the month, aerobics. And anaerobic from the month and a half. The use of the band must be for a period of three months. Complementing massages are accompanied by lymphatic drainage and ultrasound for areas that have bruising, and inflammation.


hematoma, seroma, neurological damage, irregular contour, infection, fat embolism.

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